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We talk of the second coming when half of the world has not heard of the first. 
-Oswald J. Smith

by Craig Woodham, XA Expeditions Director

It was like something out of an old Sci-Fi movie.  On my recent trip to Mali (West Africa), a handful of we American missionaries went to a local crafts market in the capital city of Bamako.  Mali recently had a military coup as well as serious conflict with militant Islamists, which has drastically dwindled the foreign population. So, we must have looked like dollar signs bouncing on pogo sticks as we entered the outdoor market that day.  We were immediately greeted, followed, and quickly hounded by desperate vendors, thrusting their goods in our faces, begging us to buy them.  It was a full court press that would have made Rick Pitino proud.  Then, all of a sudden, it stopped.

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by Anita Koeshall

I was in Central Asia having a conversation with a group of young women who had recently become Christians. The young Americans who were discipling them had asked me to address the topic “How do we tell our parents that we are followers of Christ?”

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